Welcome to Kimberly Jewett Consulting, Inc.! I am excited and grateful to have you learn more about me. Whether you have found me through an online search, were referred by a personal connection, are a non-profit organization, or a fellow cancer survivor – I am happy that we found each other.

As a young, two-time breast cancer survivor, I quickly realized throughout my cancer journey that by sharing my story I began to inspire, empower and educate others. My passion has led me to be the best patient advocate for myself and in the cancer community. My success as a passionate cancer advocate, combined with my professional skill set, has developed into my own consulting business.

Please take a few minutes to look around and get a feel for who I am, why I am so passionate, and how I may be able to collaborate with you.

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“Together WE CAN make a difference in the lives of cancer patients, and their families.
People just like me.”

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