Honored and grateful to be featured as a leading patient advocate in pathology

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Keith Kaplan, a leading pathologist and expert in the digital pathology community. We connected by the power of social media, and met in person a week later a the CAP conference in Chicago.

His recent blog post today highlights the need for patient advocates like me, and the impact my story had on him with his role as a doctor behind the microscope.

I am absolutely grateful and honored for the opportunity to have met Dr. Kaplan, and I look forward to the continued discussions of our work together, and the impact we will make in the pathology community!

You can read Dr. Keith Kaplan’s blog post here or directly on tissuepathology.com.


Lights, Camera, Action!

lights camera blog

I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have been given the opportunity to recently shoot a documentary highlighting my journey with cancer, along with a very special woman, Mary Lou, who is a 72 years old women living in Chicago, and undergoing treatment for Metastatic Breast Cancer.  She has been fighting for the last 5 years, and the current chemotherapy drug she is taking has been working very well for her, praise God!

Mary Lou and I met on Facebook, from a letter she had written to Susan G Komen – Chicago regarding the race she had done with her family earlier this year. A dear friend of mine, Julie, had posted a picture of Mary Lou’s letter (blocking out her info of course) on why she loves her job. Mary Lou had written how grateful she was to Susan G Komen, as well as to the drug company for making this drug that has been doing so well for her. Ironically, I had taken that same chemotherapy drug on my last treatment journey, and I too, feel very grateful for the success I had with it as well. So, I asked Julie to connect me with Mary Lou, in hopes for me to provide her the same hope, the drug had given me. We first spoke by phone, and instantly wanted to meet in person. When we met, both of us truly believed that God had brought us together for a bigger purpose. I certainly felt inspired by her fight, and I am confident Mary Lou felt the same about me. Our faith, our hope, and our gratitude for our lives are the words to best describe our journeys, but more importantly the way in which we choose to look at how we live with this horrific disease. Though, we are in different places in our journey, we certainly are inspired by each other, and are grateful for the greater purpose we believe is in store for us!

Which is why our stories will be shared in a documentary. It will capture our lives, our journey, as well as our outlook on living with cancer and our hope for others battling their journey. As of now, there are many opportunities to use this documentary internally with this pharma company, but an even a greater chance to make it viral. Whatever the outcome is for its use, our sincere hope is that it will touch at least one person, and make a difference in their lives, just as Mary Lou and I have done for each other.

I am grateful to God, to Julie, and Mary Lou, for allowing our story to be heard to inspire, empower, and educate others in their journey.

Healthy Wishes,

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You never know where the road will lead you…

Six years ago, I heard those dreaded words at the young age of 31, you have cancer. I won that battle, and was faced with a recurrence in 2012, and won that battle too. And, I would have never imagined the road would of led me to where I am today. Cancer has certainly taught me many valuable lessons, but the most important one is GRATITUDE. I am grateful to God for always giving me the strength, courage and hope to know I can continue my fight, and to inspire others along the way. I am grateful for my two greatest blessings that give me the honor of being their mom, and I can only pray that God will give me more time to see them grow. Grateful for the family, and dear friends, who have been at my side to give me the courage and hope I needed when I did not think I had any more to give. I would not be on this road with out the love, and support of so many near and far, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Kimberly Jewett Consulting, Inc. has grown from the journey I have been a part of, and the passion I have in making a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families. I have truly been blessed with amazing opportunities to share my journey and to inspire, empower, and educate others, and my business will now allow me to take it to a much higher level.

My sincere hope is for God to give me the strength to continue my fight, the courage to believe in myself, and the hope to continue to dream. My dream is now a reality, and I look forward to watching the journey grow!

Thank you for your continued love and support and most of all your prayers.

With Gratitude,

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Stay tuned…

Such an exciting time for me and my family as I work to launch Kimberly Jewett Consulting! Stay tuned to follow me as my journey continues.