Living as a community

Most of us take satisfaction in the reality that we are a nation that boasts of a plethora of religious beliefs, histories, races as well as customs. Yet if we truly think of it, how many people actually think that all the people are ‘equal’? We all despise to confess yet growing up in this country makes us fall prey to pre-conceived ideas as well as bias versus people that are different from us. These etymological differences have actually been embedded so deep in our minds that we are not even knowledgeable about our own delusions of grandeur. Being a ‘convent enlightened’ lady utilized to be a factor to swell with pride. But what I didn't realize then was how colleges attempt to mass produce the exact same type of young people when they pass out of school. Right from the little age of 4 when I took my initial steps into the college facilities, to the ripe age of 18 when I finally walked out of college to never ever return, we were frequently taught the exact same points. We need to not draw unseen barriers, yet take pride in the truth that we are so diversified. But when I was maturing, I resided in a microcosm of the actual culture our country has to offer. A pal as well as I were talking about only yesterday exactly how worldwide colleges provide youngsters the opportunity to grow up in a culturally diverse environment where they are able to value as well as find out to adapt to individuals from very differentiated backgrounds. The college has over 200 pupils from 18 various countries that all live and find out together in a household university. What we do not recognize is just how vital it is to permit students to not only be forgiving in the direction of various other languages as well as societies, yet also to welcome them and also live as a merged community. I really hope that this type of education seeps deeper right into our society and also is strengthened into all parts of our country.