Thank you Inspirata!

I am grateful to have the support of one of the many amazing corporate sponsors, Inspirata.

Inspirata specializes in workflow solutions that digitizes and automates the entire pathology case review process with their single sign-on Digital Pathology Cockpit. The work they do empowers physicians, to ensure the patients diagnosis and journey is much faster, transparent and informed.

Inspirata is extremely proud and honored to be sponsoring three-time cancer survivor Kimberly Jewett as she takes on yet another challenge in her life—this time, fortunately, the challenge is one of her choosing and in support of a great cause. Kimberly will be participating the three-day, 200-mile YSC Tour De Pink bike ride in California Oct. 14-16. As with everything she does, Kimberly is facing this contest with complete and total commitment and her usual optimistic spirit. Inspirata is happy to be a part of the support team helping her along the way! Kimberly is quick to confess that the closest she normally gets to riding a bike is exercising on her spinner at home, but that didn’t stop her from signing on for the Tour De Pink is to raise money and bring attention to young women with breast cancer. She has begun a rigorous training routine to get in shape to complete the 200-mile bike ride, which is being held half way across the country from her home in Chicago. Regardless of how fast or how far she goes, Inspirata believes Kimberly is a winner in her advocacy and fundraising on behalf of breast cancer patients everywhere. Her cause is our mission.

Thank you Inspirata, for your support, mission, and passion for patients like me.

You can read more about Inspirata here:

Inspirata Is Proud to be Part of the Team Cycling for Cancer Survivors

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  1. Congrats, Kim! Best of luck!

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